Licda. Alexandra Kourany Moltó

Licda. Alexandra Kourany Moltó

Co-founder / Lawyer

Professional experience

She held the position of Senior Lawyer in a local law Firm for nine consecutive years, where she was in charge to manage cases in areas of corporate, commercial, intellectual property, tax, maritime andimmigration law. She specializes in Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property and Immigration Law. Part-time professor at Bachelor’s level at the Universidad del Istmo.

Taught Courses: Maritime Legislation, International Maritime Agreements and The Canal and its


Latin American Executive Program in International Tax Law (Leiden University) (2016);

LLM in International Business Law (University of California, UCLA, United States) (2009);

Introduction course to the Legal System of the United States of America, Georgetown
University, Washington, United States, 2008;

Postgraduate studies in International Sales and other problems of Private International Law
(Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain) (2006); and

Bachelor in Law and Political Science (University of Panama), Second Place of Honor, Summa
Cum Laude (2004).

Awards and honors

Fulbright Scholarship awarded by the “US Department of State” of the United States of America, for
Master of Law studies, with emphasis in Business at UCLA, 2008.

Winner of the 2004 Outstanding Youth Award: Leadership and Academic Achievement category,
awarded by the International Junior Chamber (Panama).


Panama National Bar Association

Fulbright California and Panama

UCLA Law LLM Class 2009

Organized Congresses

“First Meeting for the Structuring and Development of Businesses in Panama” (2013);

“New Perspectives for the Professional in Law (2003); and

“A Clear Vision of the Practice of Law in Various Branches” (2002).

“A Clear Vision of the Practice of Law in Its Various Branches” (2002)


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Panama: “Fertile Land for The Establishment of Securities Houses”

Internationally Lectured Conferences

2015: Jersey, Isle of Man, Gibraltar and Cyprus. Private Interest Foundations, Intellectual Property,
Special Economic Zones and Flag of Ships.

Thailand 2013: Investment in Panama

Rome 2013: Investment in Panama and Flagging of Ships

Luxembourg 2011: Corporate Services

Greece 2012: Ship Flagging and Mortgage Registration

Peru 2010: Trademark Registration

Panama 2014: Ship Flagging, Investment in Special Economic Areas, Migration Services, Multinational
Company Headquarters.