Immigration Law


Immigration Law

Our team of lawyers have vast experience assisting clients in the application of different types of visas
and residence permits in the Republic of Panama.

We are a Firm specialized in Immigration Services, we have a team of assistants, interns and lawyers
with more than twenty (20) years of experience, who perfectly master immigration laws and processes.
This allows us to shorten times and facilitate your experience of settling in Panama.

We can assist you with the following procedures:


Non-Resident Permits

  1. Tourist Visa Application;
  2. Visa Application for Transient or Temporary Workers;
  3. Domestic Workers Visa Application;
  4. Among others.


Permanent Resident


For economic reasons:

  1. Macro-Company Investor.


Special Policies:

  1. Retired Rentier;
  2. Retired Pensioner;
  3. Forest Investor;
  4. Investor of the Panama Pacific Economic Area;
  5. Panama Pacific Area Workers Permit, within ten percent (10%) of the ordinary workers of a
    company, developer or operator;
  6. Investor in Export Processing Zones;
  7. Investor Call Center for commercial use (Call Center) for export;
  8. Among others


Demographic reasons:

  1. Family Reunification as Married to National;
  2. Permanent Resident Dependent Family Reunification; and
  3. Family Reunification as a Foreigner with Panamanian Children.

By Special Laws:

  1. Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between the Republic of Panama and the
    Republic of Italy;
  2. National Foreigners of Specific Countries that maintain friendly, professional, economic and
    investment relations with the Republic of Panama;
  3. As a Professional Foreigner;
  4. As a Diplomat and Members of International Organizations of countries that maintain friendly diplomatic relations with the Republic of Panama, who have stopped providing their services in their respective positions.

Temporary resident

  • Labor reasons;
  • Investment Reasons;
  • Special Policies;
  • Reasons for Education;
  • Religious reasons